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Renewing our commitment to international human rights norms

An independent review commission should operate on the federal and local levels, providing meaningful review of immigration enforcement practices with a focus on human rights protections. This commission should make regular reports and recommendations on community relations and security to local and federal governments. An internal complaint process for reporting human and civil rights violations must be accessible and transparent to provide timely investigation of all claims.

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) should:

  • Provide training and certification for local and federal agents on human rights;
  • Establish an independent review commission;
  • Provide oversight of the complaint review process;
  • Hold officials accountable when they violate domestic or international human rights principles.

Local, state, and regional officials should:

  • Support community education programs to inform border communities about civil and human rights. The education program must be coupled with improvements in the internal complaint and review process of the DHS.

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